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Why join a litre for a litre?


Access to clean water provides a basis for health, education, work. Made Blue mirrors the water used or saved by your products or services with equal amounts of water in developing countries.With maximum impact and efficiency:
Every €1 results in 5.000 litres.


We calculate the water footprint of your organisation, product or service and mirror those litres (or the litres saved) one on one with clean water in developing countries. In a certified, measurable and traceable environment, backed by renown charities and partner organisations.

Story telling

Companies tell us that, by partnering with Made Blue they enhance their brand value, whilst contributing positively to the availability of drinking water elsewhere in the world: every time you enjoy a hotel stay or a fresh orange juice, made blue simultaneously ensures as many litres of clean water elsewhere.

Network for good

Blycolin, Movenpick Amsterdam City Centre and Made Blue work together to reduce the usage of water in the hotel. Horecanederland TV made a beautiful video of this.

The use of the Quooker COMBI boiling water tap saves a lot of water. Made Blue ensures that all the water that is saved by using the taps in households in the Netherlands in the first year is made available in developing countries as clean drinking water. On behalf of Quooker Made Blue will make available 4200 liters of water for each sold COMBI reservoir. In total this will create 100 miljoen litres of clean drinking water in 2016 in Ethiopia.

Blycolin. The international partner in linen services for (medical) hotels, restaurants, holiday parks and wellness centers. Forty years of experience and knowledge. In the Netherlands and abroad. Renting and/or purchasing. Personal and advising. Your linen partner in hospitality that contributes to the quality you want to give your customers. Nice to meet you!

Textile production is accompanied by enormous water consumption. For example, cotton production alone accounts for 2.6% of total water consumption in the world. I-did want to reduce this ecological footprint by not throwing out unsold or worn textiles but using it in design products.

The Mövenpick Hotel in Amsterdam, The Hague and Den Bosch together save nearly 20 million litres of water every year through water-saving techniques, both in the room and in the restaurants. The guest will enjoy the accommodation while knowing that there is a whole family in a developing country getting access to clean drinking water at the same time.

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